Beauty Pageant Success Guide: Insider Secrets to Avoid Costly Mistakes & Emotional Stress Before Entering Your First Beauty Pageant

The Beauty Pageant Success Guide

I wrote this book to be a one-stop pageant preparation book containing everything you’ll need to know about competing in a natural beauty pageant for winning results on and off the stage. I vividly remember how frustrating it was after the pageant to feel like some contestants had help and inside knowledge that I didn’t. Where did they find it? I had looked and couldn’t find one detailed, complete pageant preparation resource. So I created it. After reading this book you’ll never find yourself saying “I wish someone would have told me that information before the pageant.” In this book, you’ll discover how to control your inner critic and develop a winning attitude; where to invest your time and money for the best results in a natural pageant; the secrets to creating winning paperwork for the highest interview scores; tips for selecting your wardrobe, platform, and talent; detailed information into what happens in the judge’s mind; and much more from my lifetime of experience as a queen, coach, judge and mother.


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WTP Take The Stage Training DVD

The Winning Through Pageantry Take The Stage™training DVD is a must have training tool for natural beauty pageants. The depth of information shared in this video will further polish your on stage presence. Remember, the judges cast their final vote when you are on stage in your evening gown. Your overall stage presence and appearance will determine your final placement. Click here to learn more!




WTP Interview Cards (Set of 12)

What kind of questions will the judges ask me in interview? What if I don’t have an answer? The ability to answer questions about you, your family, platform, goals, community and pop culture in a clear way is an important life skill. The more practice you have in conversing with people, the better your speaking skills will become. Click here to learn more!



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