Five Tips to Creating the 20 or 30 Second Onstage Personal Introduction for Natural Pageants

In many natural pageant systems, such as NAM, MAC and PURE American to name a few, there is a scored category called onstage personal introduction. The personal introduction is either 20 or 30 seconds in length. It gives the contestant an opportunity to let the judges get to know her personality and the level of her public speaking skills. That’s a short amount of time to make a first impression. However, when you consider how short peoples’ attention spans are these days, it is more than enough time for the judges to see what they need. Below are five tips to help you create your personal introduction. [Read more…]

Is it worth hiring a stylist to do your hair and makeup at a pageant?

The answer depends on which system you are competing in, your budget, and how much of a control freak you are :).

Typically, hair and makeup artists are hired for state and national pageants. If hiring someone, you may need to pay for their travel expenses (airfare, hotel, & meals) in addition to their fees for doing your hair and makeup. This could range from [Read more…]

Pageant Planning: What’s Your Big Picture?

It’s a brand new school year and time to reset those goals. But where do you start? You start with the big picture and break it down from there.

Think about all the areas in which you are involved- home, school, work, church, community, social, sports, arts, and pageantry. Write down just one goal you would like to accomplish this year for each of those areas.

Now, let’s focus on [Read more…]

Answers to Four Common Pageant Questions

There were four reoccurring pageant questions I kept receiving in my inbox this week so I decided to let everyone hear my answers to them.

Q: Do the judges score during the final pageant?

Yes, they do. However, the only contestants scored during the final pageant are [Read more…]

Pageant Help To Save You Time and Money

People participate in pageants for different reasons. Some just want to have fun. Others contestants want to use pageants as a stepping stone  more opportunities. Many need external events help motivate them to take action to accomplish specific goals. The more honest you are with your expectations and reasons for competing in a pageant, the more rewarding the experience will be.

Personally, I don’t believe in wasting [Read more…]

Tips for the Perfect Pageant Gown

The spring gowns have hit the stores and now is the best time to shop to get your favorite pageant gown before they are picked over. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when looking for your competition gown. [Read more…]

Winning and Feeling Special at Pageants

You have no control over the final outcome of the pageant. However, it is totally within your power to make your daughter, or yourself, feel like a queen and a winner throughout the entire pageant process. Here are some of my personal tips on what I do for myself and my daughters when we compete to make it a winning experience regardless of the judges’ decision. [Read more…]

She’s Wearing My Dress! The three winning components of your pageant wardrobe

Unless you have your pageant wardrobe custom-made, at some point you may be standing next to a contestant who is wearing the same dress as you. Don’t worry about this. The judges don’t take off points for duplicate dresses. However, the higher score will go to the contestant who looks best in the dress. There are three components every pageant gown, dress and outfit must have to be a winning ensemble. [Read more…]

How To Choose the Right Pageant System For You

With so many different pageants to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you? Arriving at the answer for you will take answering these eight questions. [Read more…]

Understanding How Pageant Judges’ Score and Make Comments for NAM and MAC Pageants

Not all pageant systems release their scores or make the judges’ comments available to the contestants. This is typical. However, National American Miss (NAM) and Miss American Coed (MAC) are two systems that do provide feedback to their contestants. Many of you are receiving your score sheets in the mail and have been emailing me tons of questions about what they mean. Today I’ll share my insight from a judge’s perspective. [Read more…]