WTP Interview Cards (Set of 12)

What if I don’t have an answer?

The ability to answer questions about you, your family, platform, goals, community and pop culture in a clear way is an important life skill. The more practice you have in conversing with people, the better your speaking skills will become.

Over 1000 contestants from ages 7 to 80 around the world have used these cards and reported back to me that they were confident and prepared for their pageant interview. Many of my clients receive the highest interview scores.

As a contestant and judge, these are real questions that I have asked, been asked, or heard other judges ask in the interview room. I know they are effective and relevant because my clients have told me several times that they have experienced other pageant coaches and judges using my cards.

Outstanding features of this 12 card set includes:

  • OverĀ  200 questions covering 12 diverse subjects. Each card has questions dedicated to one topic. For example, there are 56 questions on the “favorites” card.

  • The back side is blank so you can jot down your ideas for answers.

  • Being the size of a recipe card, they are easy to carry and you can practice anywhere.